Week Thirteen

Output Devices

This weeks assignment was to add an output device to a microcontroller board and program it. I decided to make the hello RGB board. To start I downloaded the board file and milled it on the modella. Next I soldered all of the components onto the board and flashed the microcontroller. To test it out I hooked up to a 9Volt battery via the 4 pin header. The light came on and faded from color to color. Very nice. The next day I showed my kids, got a "that cool!", put it in my pocket and my wife ran it through the laundry. It was fun while it lasted but what can you do.

I also decided to build a fabduino so I could play around with some other output devices such as servos, steppers and more blinky led stuff. The build was the same as anything else, I milled the board on the modella. Soldered on all the components. Used my fabisp to burn the boot loader and then it was time to program. I used the arduino clone to experiment with several different devices. Mostly expirimenting with RGB's for my final project. But here is a quick video of it running a servo.