Week Eleven

Input Devices

This weeks assignment was to measure something add a sensor to a microcontroller board and read it. I decided to make the hello temperature board. To start I downloaded the board file and milled it on the modella. Next I used solder paste to attach all of my components. I baked it at 400 degrees for about 7 minutes. After baking I soldered on the FTDI header. I downloaded the "hello.temp.45.c","hello.temp.45.py" and "hello.temp.make" files. I needed to modify the "hello.temp.45.make" file because I use an attiny85 instead of a attiny45. I opened the file in terminal and typed " nano hello.temp.45.make " This opened the nano editor and changed the MMCU line to an attiny85. Then I saved the file as hello.temp.85.make. Next I tried to flash the microcontroller by typing " sudo make -f hello.temp.85.make program-usbtiny " I got an error message. I tried changing the connections from my programmer to the hello.temp board. Same error message. I then took a closer look at the board and found a few joints that looked a bit sketchy. I took a soldering iron and reflowed a couple pins on the microcontroller and on the programming header. I then tried to flash it again and bingo it worked. Next I wanted to run the python visualization but I needed to find out what port I was plugged into. I typed "ls /dev/tty.usb". I got /dev/tty.usbserial-FTF4ZGE1 . Then I typed hello.temp.45.py /dev/tty.usbserial-FTF4ZGE1 . The visualization was a little funky. When I touched the thermistor the graph was bouncing around and not going up like I expected. I tried blowing on it and it reacted as expected. Apparently I have cold hands or something. Anyway it is working and here is a video to prove it.