Should I create it? should I repair it? Should I add something to an object?

My Video !!!!(click on this link)

Video has been removed, I need to figure out where to place any video that I could product as it is a very easy and quick way to give a feedback on my feeling and the evolution of my work.

1st object:


My project is to build up a furniture which will be able to receive all multimedia equipment ( TV, computer, switch, several power plugs and sockets, any electronic equipment). This furniture will be flexible as much as possible to be adaptable for any change of equipment that will be install in or on the furniture. The system to fix the wood boards together won't use any glue or any screws. Finally, only to 2 cables should leave this furniture towards any other equipments:1 cable for the electricity and the other one for the Internet.

2nd object:


I want also to repair a knife for which the wood part is broken and I will customize the new piece of wood. (well, I will try  ;-) )

3rd object:

it a broken frame for a photo with a glass (This not the broken frame, I will change it later)