Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, and Modeling

I was sick at home sleeping during the all morning and when I awake, I told myself, I could maybe try to follow the session.
Indeed, 2 weeks ago I have seen Bas Withagen uing Ekiga and to be able to see and hear exacly the same we could see on the screen of the Waag office.
I send him an email and he is confirming me it is possible and after 2 emails from him, I was able to follow the session as if I was in the Waag office...
To make it works, I did open Ekiga and did use the address:

and then use the dialpad, push 1 and then #

I am in the conference call regarding the session!!!

Good!!!  It works!!!

It  is a little bit to long for me, everyone is explaining in a few words... sometimes with more than a few words ;-) but it is normal everyone look very interesting regarding what they want to do. My turn, I do explain who am I and what I want to do. It was quick and short as I understood it should be.

This link is the one where I can find out which tool should or could I use:

list of software available for Linux pickup on internet at random:

Today, I have tried to use a 3D designer tool. Blender as it was installed on my computer. I start to make some reseach on internet to look for tutorials and information I can find in French or in English.
I found out a tutorial but I run the version 2.49 on my computer and most of tutorials are for the version 2.5 which is not matching to the interface I can see on my desktop when I start it.
So, no choice I will apply the last version I do find on the web page of CG Cookie (, an educational hub site on which there are also video tutorials and writing documents on Blender.
I go to follow each steps.dowloading and installation. Done it was easy.
Interface and navigation, it looks "ok" even if I need to stay concentrated. Now, modeling...well, yes, it is working but I need practice the guy who did this video is going  quicklier, more and more... I will need to take time and to review this video several time...

I need to be concentrated to do learn to use correctly this tool... It is not easy...

Other links:

I've never used that type of tool, even if I've heard to talk about them but it is taking a lot of time for me... When you see on the web sites, pictures created by Blender are great but I need a lot of practice and it is really time consuming. On my side, as I won't follow all the lessons, I will get time to focus a little more on it later, I hope

first modelisation a furniture for my TV:


second modelisation, a knife that I want to repair:


These pictures are  not yet finished. I will need to finish the textures of the materials and then to export them with the "render" command which should allow me to export the picture in ".jpeg" format