Computer-Controlled Machining (Feb 22)

After the email of Alex:

Van: Alex Schaub <[email protected]>
Datum: 16 februari 2012 15:52
Onderwerp: looking ahead "make something big"

Everyone get's 1 sheet industrial standard = 2,44 x 1,22 meters big.
let's use 12mm multiplex. If you really want another thickness, let me know.

I have decided to use this piece of wood to make the furniture that I wanted to create as project when I came to the Fablab.

1 step, the drawing:

I go to use the Inkscape tool to make the drawing.

measure of each pieces which has to be cut:

On the first layer on the top, from the right to the left.

drawing set in SVG and then exported in DXF format but it doesn't work.
When I open the file with PartWorks tool to prepare the path that the machine is gone take to make the cut on the board, it is not working some part of the drawing are missing.
To make it works,  after several test and check with other people in the fablab, I did finally export my drawing in "pdf" format. This time it is working.

During a moment, I though I could use the Fabmodule tool to get directly the “sbp” format but I didn't get use of this tool to be able to choice the deep of the cut, and other parameters.

I don't find Fabmodule it friendly user (lack of visual advise) but for other  situations, I think it will helpful. Furthermore, it is probably also my lack of use of the software Fabmodule which is not allowing me for the moment to used for this work. Furthermore, this work is my project and it is a quite big object. So, if I make a mistake in the calculates of the size of each pieces and in the cut almost impossible to correct it. So, instead to use this open source software as I wanted, I will use the copyright software called Partworks and shopbot to cut the piece of wood.

Done!!! almost a few details to add and  some drawing and also later some wheels for my furniture :-)

after I did add wheels and the piece of wood to slide in the middle

As this is furniture is matching to my project.
I will explain in the final project page the way I have done it.