1. Created 3-D sketch of a pattern with Google Sketchup.

2. Exported as an .stl file.

3. Imported and milled roughly with the Modela 1/8" bit.

4. Cast in silicone.

5. Realized that I did not do the border properly and that I will have to build a box around the silicone in order to pour the Hydrostone into.

UPDATE: For my final project, I have had to cast the hubs which hold the struts of the greenhouse, since it would take too long to 3D print them with the Makerbot. I used a printed hub for a template. With the help of Scott Rocca, who designed the press-fit box for the mold and provided guidance for the whole process, I made molds out of Oomoo and cast the 5 and 6 socket hubs, two at a time. In future production runs, I plan to cast the strutcaps as well, since the printed ones are a bit brittle and tend to break when they're being snapped in place, as well as being time-intensive to produce.

IBox and Mold