1. This week, we had to create a project for ShopBot; we don't have our own but will have access to one in a couple of weeks.

2. I originally planned to make a 2'x1' jigsaw puzzle using a relief map of the US, with the ShopBot milling more or less material away depending on the darkness of the relief and therefore giving the jigsaw puzzle itself relief:

Original Plan

3. But then it transpired that this was going to be problematic given that the guys with the ShopBot don't have Fab Modules installed on their computer, etc.

4. So, Plan B was to make a bigger jigsaw puzzle of the US out of a flat piece of plywood, no relief:

IPlan B

5. Plan B didn't work either-we didn't have enough ShopBot time and ended up making smaller files. So I just cut my FAB ISP case from week 4: