1. Milled the FAB ISP circuit board. Used the lab's weak double-sided tape (as opposed to that belonging to the FAB Academy) with the result that the Modelo pulled the board off the tape as it was cutting the outline of the board. Fortunately, it didn't damage the trace and had cut enough of the outline that we were able to snap the trace out.

2. Sandpapered the edges.

3. Soldered the surface mount components onto the board.

4. Attempted to flash the ISP using AVRdude on Virtual Box Ubuntu.

5. Failed: the Virtual Box was detecting the ISP as a USB device, but not successfully interfacing with it past that step.

6. Visually inspected solder points. All appeared in order.

7. Tried to flash the ISP again on different computers. Same result.

8. Re-inspected the solder points by pressing down with a hot solder iron until liquid solder visibly flowed.

9. Successfully flashed the ISP.

10. Used the laser cutter to create a press-fit case for the ISP with a bed of cardboard and double-sided tape. 

11. Washed the ISP with isopropyl and encased it.

Naked ISPFAB ISP In Case