1. My machine design is my final project, an Arduino-powered greenhouse which controls its own temperature and waters the plants inside automatically. It will use an integrated heat and humidity sensor to sense the environmental variables, then control a solenoid valve for water and a servo-operated vent (see week 14.) The shell will be a geodesic dome with struts made of PVC/wood/metal pipe and linked by 3D printed hubs. Future upgrades will include an internet connection so as to inform the user of the greenhouse status remotely, fabbed sensors, multiple vents, cast strutcaps.

2. I have also been helping out on the class project, an Ultimaker with extended height. We've been waiting on parts, but so far I've helped out in assembly-screwing the outer frame together, helping set up the drive system and the limit switches, etc.

3. See some of my work and our working motion control system below.
MockedUpDrivebelts LimitSwitches AssemblingPrinter