natalie haddad
fab academy 2012

output devices

I made 3 ouput devices. The boards were milled on a CNC router, then stuffed, and programmed. using terminal in ubuntu i compiled the c, and then programmed the device.

in terminal:

LED array
array sch array board
sudo make -f hello.array.44.make
sudo make -f hello.array.44.make program-usbtiny
After flashing the board, the LED's lit up in varying patterns. I soldered different color LED's to help vary the effect.

DC motor
dc sch dc board
sudo make -f hello.H-bridge.44.make
sudo make -f hello.H-bridge.44.make program-usbtiny
DC motor_video
Once the board was flashed, the DC motor jittered back and forth at 3 increasing speeds.

stepper sch stepper board
sudo make -f hello.stepper.44.make
sudo make -f hello.stepper.44.make program-usbtiny

Once the board was flashed, the stepper jittered back and forth at a constant speed. I tried to adjust the code, but upon re-flashing the board i plugged the battery connection in backwards and fried the regulator.