natalie haddad
fab academy 2012

input devices

I made 3 input devices. The boards were milled on a CNC router, then stuffed, and programmed. using terminal in ubuntu i compiled the c, and then programmed the device.

in terminal:

button sch button boardbutton board
sudo make -f hello.button.45.make
sudo make -f hello.button.45.make program-usbtiny
python /dev/ttyUSB0

Once programmed, when the switch is pressed the screen yields a "d" for down and a "u" for up.
button board

mic sch mic boardmic board
sudo make -f hello.mic.45.make
sudo make -f hello.mic.45.make program-usbtiny
python /dev/ttyUSB0
Once programmed, when the microphone reads a sound it is translated into a wave visually.

light sch light boardlight board
sudo make -f hello.light.45.make
sudo make -f hello.light.45.make
sudo make -f hello.light.45.make program-usbtiny
python /dev/ttyUSB0

Once programmed, I could not gain much variation in the visual slide bar. The sensitivity was affected by a short in the board, although there was some reaction to light