natalie haddad
fab academy 2012

electronics production

The board I chose was the hello FabISP. I downloaded the .png files and used the fab modules to output to a modella mini mill. I then soldered the components according to the board's diagram and an image of a completed FabISP.
ISP traces ISP outline ISP image ISP components
After downloading and unzipping the firmware files, I installed the avrdude, avr-gcc, and avr-libc packages on linux. I adjusted the programmer in the makefile to avrdude -c avrisp2 -p usb -p $(DEVICE) because i was using the AVRISP mkii. I plugged both the FabISP and the AVRISP mkii into both my board and laptop. At first the red light on the programmer came on so i checked over my board and noticed one of my bridged connections wasnt properly sodlered. After the adjustment, the programmer showed a green light. Then I opened and instance of terminal and ran the commands:
sudo make clean
sudo make hex
sudo make fuse
sudo make program

milled board solder board programming"milled