natalie haddad
fab academy 2012

3D scanning and printing

I chose to use Autodesk's 123D Catch for this weeks assignment. I was curious to see the details that the software could capture using photographs. My subject was a person sitting in a chair. I took multiple shots in 3 rings around my subject. One just below waist level aimed up, one at waist level, and one above and aiming down. Once the images were loaded and stitched, I reviewed the set and manually stitched a couple to fit into the mesh. Manual stitching involved selecting up to 4 matching points in near images. The images were restiched and the update images were added to the mesh.
man stich
I then exported the file from 123D Catch into Rhino3D as an object file. Using Rhino's mesh commands i was able to fill the minor holes left by 123D. I then exported the file as a .stl and sent it to our lab's 3D printer. The model was scaled to fit inside a 2" cube.
The 3d printer printed the object's layers but the binder did not hold, so the machine was unable to produce the 3D print.