about sobre mi

my name is Marc Gispert.
I'm from Barcelona.
I'm an industrial designer.
I'm studying architecture in my fifth year.

Few months ago Vicente Guallart explained in a lecture at the university, that Barcelona had to lead a new global movement aimed at transforming the city and the way we live in it. Now, I could have the opportunity to do it in person. Itís a challenge and an illusion for me.
After studying Industrial Design and worked several years as an industrial designer in Barcelona and abroad, then I decided to start studying architecture. Currently finishing my studies and combining it with professional practice. From these experiments it is found that collaboration, the multidiscipline and collective knowledge, are the key to this revolution.
The coincidence makes that for over a year I'm living in Nou Barris district, a conglomerate of different neighbourhoods with great potential for his marginal and border character. I am very interested with the relationship that can be established between city, architecture and industrial production. The dual nature that FabLab proposed, a platform for education and research, it's the best way to face the new challenges for the new city.