3d Scanning and Printing

For this assignment we have taken an object modeling with clay. First it will scan using a 3D scanning machine. Then export it as an object in *iges format, to a CAD software (in this case in Rhino) for editing. Finally generarmos the * stl file to open it in the driver of the machine and send it to print .

MODELING: Delfin (modelado de doble curvatura)

SCANNING: 3d Lasser Scann

The 3D scanning machine can collect all the information fisical reality of our object(360°). However depends on the geometry of it and as we locate the position to obtain the complete record from bits of the object


We´ll modify the geometry. So we generate a set of surfaces from the application of contour command, that way we are left only with the necessities of geometry.


PRINTING: Up 3d Printer machine

      • import the file in * stl format.
      • position the object in the working area (scale it if necessary)
      • check the amount of material
      • calibrate the machine (temperature 200 ° C),
      • send to print the object.
      • remove the scraps of the object with the tools.

Final comments: Scanning process requires a PC with good processor. If we want our object has a high resolution, scan time will be longer. For the 3D printing process: it is important to generate a good definition of the object in CAD ​​(edition process), if we want the finished print is accurate