FabLab Academy 2012

Manchester Lab

David Forgham-Bailey

Week 19: Final Project

Status Report:

Test printing a 3D eye in socket - test for gap tolerance:

testprint_eye  eyesocket_print_test

Manually controlled test rig and stepper controlled test rig:

manual_rig  manual_stepper_rigs

Close-ups of Stepper test rig:

 stepper_rig_close_up_1  stepper_rig_close_up_2

Shopbot - body frame: cutting out/ fabric wrapped front & back:

shopbot_body  body_front  body_back

Laser cutting fabric for arms and legs:

laser_limbs  laser_arms

Stuffing and sewing limbs:

sewing_1  sewing_2

Body fully assembled:


Head slices cut on Shopbot, and assembled:

head_shopbot  head_stacked

Servos in position:  Servos - eye unit and mouth with Ariduino control/Nunchuk

 Servos  head_kit_complete 

Head and body:

head_body_back  head_body_cu

Dummy assembled

full_dummy_01  full_dummy_02 

And Split:

 head_body_split_01  head_body_split_02

Arduino and Wii Nunchuk control:

Arduino_Numchuk  Numchuk_arduino

Arduino_servo_control_with Wii_Nunchuk:

Libraries and connections help: here and here

Project files: here


movie_1  movie_2