FabLab Academy 2012

Manchester Lab

David Forgham-Bailey

Week  17: Applications and Implication

Final Project Concept & Planning:

1. What will it do?

Traditional Ventriloquist Dummy
Head on a Stick
Mouth - Open/Close
Eyes - Up/Down/Left/Right
Manual Control
Servo Control

2. Who's done what beforehand?

Fred Project - Traditionally Built Stage Dummy

TJ - Film Project - Animatronic - Arduino Controlled - Head

3. What materials and componentsare will be required?

Head - Wood/MDF
Eyes - 3D Print/Cast
Hands - 3D Print/Cast
Body - Wood Frame/Composite Shell/Material Clothing
Control - Servo x 4/Electronic Components/Cables/Wire

4. Where do they come from?

Mostly FabLab Inventory
Otherwise Local Shop/Internet

5. What will it cost?

Less than £100

6. What parts and systems will be made?


7. What Processes will be used?

Electronic Design/Production/Stuff/Solder/Program
3D Scan/Design & Print
Laser Cutter
Vinyl Cutter
Sewing Machine
Moulding & Casting/Composites

8. What tasks need to be completed?


9. What questions need to be answered?

What material for Skin/Head/Hand?

10. What is the Schedule?

Wed 16/5/12 - Concept & Planning Presentation
Fri 18/5/12 - Design
Mon 21/5/12 - Design Complete - Manufacure begins
Wed 23/5/12 Progress Report
Fri 25/5/12 - Manufacture/Assemble
Mon 28/5/12 - Commissioning/Testing
Wed 30/5/12 - Final Presentation

11. How will it be evaluated?

People's Comments:
Future Developments:
Other Application which can use the control: eg - remote camers - add to robotic body...