FabLab Academy 2012

Manchester Lab

David Forgham-Bailey

Week  15: networking & communication

This week we had to build a wired or wireless network with at least two nodes.

The simplist wired asynchronous network requires a bridge board to connect to a computer through an FTDI cable - and two node boards.

The boards are connected using a 4 strand ribbon cable - Rx/Tx/Vcc/Gnd

The boards are programmed using the FabISP - (each board is given its own node identifier in the .c routine)

When connected to a computer using an FTDI cable -  running term.py - and pressing 0/1/2 - all boards flash to show they have received a communication then the board with the same identifier will flash again. (ie if key1 pressed - all boards flash then board 1 flashes a second time)

The boards were milled using the Roland Modella.

network_bus    video   term.py_bus