FabLab Academy 2012

Manchester Lab

David Forgham-Bailey

Week 1: Final Project Proposal

I have always been fascinated by mechanical toys and models. Recently I've become
interested in Ventriloquism.

For my final project I propose to bring these two passions together with the design and
manufacture an old style ventriloquist dummy.

I will attempt to use as many of the processes available in FabLab in it's manufacture - so
the final design will unfold alongside the course.

My initial designs were discovered during a web search. My research had taken me to the
website of a place I had known well but hadn't visited for about 20 years. It's called
'Cabaret Mechanical Theatre' and used to be in Coventry Garden in London.

Here's a sketch I found as a free download of a human mechanical figure.
and another:
These schematics incorporate most of the features I intend to include in the final

Features to be included:
Hand held - looks like stage ventriloquist dummy
(Hand held head/Separate body)
Head features:
Moving mouth
Moving eyes
Moving eyelids
Moving eyebrows

Additional features:
Remote control
Manual control
Articulated body