Computer Aided Design

Commercial SMD systems, such as those shown are expensive for personal or low volume production

This is an outline of the initial idea that in this session I have advanced in drawing with a CAD software

Beginning the design with Rhino, first I draw the sides and the bottom and then placed the side of the table of the x axis before extruding it

Drawing the X axis with the metal shafts

Assembling the Y axis with the base for placing the suction tool

Placing the front and right cover 

Here we have the final views

Final rendering

Final Comments: It was my first experience with this program an great challenge for me, at the beginning I had some difficults with finding the commands and tools; so I had to go back a couple of times. Also it was some cumbersome to align the figures in the layers, for solving this I draw some lines for reference, so the program let me align the figures in all the layers.

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