Invention, Intellectual Property and Income

The motivation for this project was the possibility to use open hardware and software tools to make something. The idea represented a great challenge due the range of possilities opened (you will not depend on the market, becoming the main source of supply for your necessities).

And the purpose of the project is to automate the stuffing of the circuit boards, enhancing precision and confiability, and saving time also.

With these two premises and that as a teacher of a technical institute I had to make something that would be of interest of our students; so we decided to make a machine because that would led our students to work in multidisciplinary projects.

The dissemination plan will explain:

Dissemination plan

My goal is to disseminate the project to demonstrate that SMT is better for equipments, people and environment than through hole technology.

My first objetive to reach the goal is the institute where I work, here we use very little SMT because is thought to be more expensive and takes longer assembly time. Then I would continue dissemination in the academic field, other colleges and universities, because users there will greatly assist in the dissemination of the project.

Also as member of a FabLab I would invite external users so they can be convinced of the advantages offered by this technology.

I would organize seminars to groups of user from other fields like industrial, automation, consumer electronics.

I would be promoting the access to the project documentation, so people would be interested in developping equipment like this also.

I would review if exist any barrier that interferes with the dissemination of the project.