Output Devices

For this week assignment we had to manufacture and add an output device to the microcontroller board and program it to do something. It was an opportunity to test the motors' boards which will be used in my final project, but all cards are interesting, so I tried to build and test as many of them.

The picture show the boards designs that I built.

To program the boards I used the fabisp in Ubuntu environment, using the terminal, the commands lines for one of the boards are:

For the other boards just change the files' names and the microcontroller (t44 or t45) . The figure show the outputs of the terminal.

It's necessary to place the battery for programming, and after this the program runs alone. I had problems with the H-bridge, the board didn't work, I though it was due to the motor so I tested the motor with the bench Power Supply applying 9V to it, the front panel ammeter of the PS showed me a 25mA consumption and the motor ran ok. I review the board with the magnifying camera and resoldered some joints, after that the motor begun to work, but finally stopped and didn't work again. I'am going to try fixing the board again.

The figures show the boards assembled and being tested.

Here I show some videos


Final comments

This assignment had a lot of work, milling and stuffing the boards, but the experiments were very useful and there are great variety of applications.