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Class Apr 18 Assignment

For this assignment i designed a motor mount, single resuction gear and a rack.
I also drew pressfit crosses to act as axles to my laser-cut gears.
The whole is cut from 3mm mdf.

Above the result of my mechanical design.
Included in the bottom of the picture is a catastrofic failure of my driving gear :P

The Gears are involute, designed with Rhino using (this) script, then exported to Illustrator for combining with the axles and center holes.

In Illustrator i grew the gears by .1 mm to compensate for the kerf of the laser. Also i've put the gears together top to bottom (1 gear flipped over) to compensate for the tapered cut the lasercutter leaves.

For the final design see cl16asgn (at the bottom)