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Class April 4 Assignment

Application Programming

As i'm working on this for my job as well, i've decided to use my current project as my example case.

This is a matching game for blind/deaf children. The project is named Chocopasta.

This is programmed in python, accompanied by wxPython and pySerial.

It is using 9 rfid readers to locate objects on a game grid. The 9 rfid readers are connected to an arduino which talks over a 'usb to serial cable' to the computer.

The program has the possibility to:

As soon as the serial port is opened, the arduino resets itself, so i never get the datastream halfway. It can occur that i get half a Line in my buffer when i start processing. One line is normally terminated by a '\r\n', so when the last result of the Split function does not end with a '\r\n', i save the result into a temporary buffer that i attach in front of the received string before i run the Split again.

Source of the version pictured above: (link)