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Class Mar 21 Assignment

Had a lot of frustrations using the ReplicatorG

I used 123Catch to create a model of a crumpled-up coke can.

did 28 photo's -> into 123Catch.

The first set was rubbish. Photographed in bright sunlight. The software could only use 3 out of 11 photos. The second set was shot in the shadow of the same brightly lit room.

Got the adapted version of ReplicatorG from the Ultimaker Repository. This version comes preloaded with failsafe settings for skeinforge.

Another intresting thing to note is that altough the Ultimaker ReplicatorG still has it's 'Manual control' button, most of the functions won't work, or work not quite as i would expect..

Also, the machine reports it's nozzle temperature wrong to the program. therefore it starts printing before the nozzle is at working temperature. this is resolved by manually setting the nozzle temp to 220 deg C and waiting until the nozzle is at working temperature.

The downside of this all is that it becomes really important that the machine is turned off after use. If not:

And Finally; a 3d printed crumpled coke can