Habtamu's Fab world 2012

fablab addis


I am developing my web page using HTML and Photoshope though it is my first time to work with HTML, I found it very exciting.Before starting doing with html I was not a good fan of it because I thought those codes were so hard and complicated to understand but when I get in to it it's like wow!.In my first phase of the project I have planned to do the arm which can paint the Ethiopian national flag. At the beginning the arm will paint the green color according to the degree it will be programmed and put the brush in to gas to clean it then start to paint the yellow one and put the brush in to the gas again finally it will paint the red one. After I have realized programming language more, I am going to pass to the next advanced level which will anables me to program an arm machine which can paint other things.As you can see the picture on my wall, the guy is using his hands to paint so i want somehow to replace this with my robot arm. I believe the courses which I am going to take will help me to acomplish my purpose so that I will do whatever is expected to achieve the above indicated project.My arm machine will detect the message from the computer which is programming language and try to picture it on a given paper,canvas or any other kind of material.the machine will use different colors and a kind of brush like thing to put an ordered message on the given material.

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