Habtamu's Fab world 2012

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The term robot comes from the Chech word 'robota' generally translated as 'forced labor'. wikipedia the free encyclopedia defined robot as a mechanical or virtual intellegent agent that can perform taska authomatically or with guidance, typically by remote control.We call a branch of technology that deals with robot is robotics.In practice a robot is usually an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by computer and electronic programming.Robots across the glob are designed for different purposes some of them include:- for heavy repetitive manufacturing work,to handle difficult,dangerous,or boring tasks for humans.Robots are designed according to the objective autonomously,semi-autonomously and remotrly controlled. Types of robots include:-swarm robots,industrial robots,military robots,mobile and servicing robots. My robot arm will have different purpose which is to paint.It will have four main parts base,arm,hand and palete. The base is found at the bottom of the machine and everything will be built on it and it can rotate 180 degree. The arm will be joined at the top of the base by joint system. The hand part is found at the top of the machine and will be attached with the arm with another joint also it will handle the brush to paint. The palete is found at the bottom of the machine attached with the base and it will be consisting of six colors also a gas to make the brush clean. The power source for my robot will be a battery or plug in according to the compatibility of future contexts.

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