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Like the picture above we can make different patterns and forms using simple designs of press fit construction kits.

Our this week assignment was press fit construction I think it is somehow artistic and fun.For the designers and artists like me, it has high relevance to make different models and other things.For me it was totally new experience so, to do it first I went to rhino software and start to draw my sketchs.In doing the drawing, every dimension and fit part need to take in to account.

The concept and how I did it

The concept behined my construction fit is to have different unlimited forms which can give us different observations.I have two press fit with different shapes but same thickness which can anable me to fit each other and reach with differnt forms.Each form has three and two holes respectively which targeted to fit the other fit to have more and more outcomes. I used 2mm tick play wood for my project then after having all done, I began to cut my dream.The speed for the laser was 50 and the power,100/99%.


press presso

As you can see on the picture I made different construction forms using only two kits each other. Here I want to explain that we have no the machines currently because they are on the process of shipping so,we were forced to use the laser cutter outside the school compound. Because of that reason I had no chance even to repeat cutting if I would have made a mistake. Since it was my first time, when I made the drawings I had a little precision problem because I didn't take in to account of the laser beam tickness so I didn't get what I was looking for interms of fitting the kits each other, I mean it's a kind of soft fit. But I hope I will master it when the machines arrive.

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