Fab Academy 2013. Principles, applications and implications of digital fabrication

Principles, applications and implications of digital fabrication. Directed by Neil Gershenfeld

Fab Academy is the distributed educational platform of the worldwide network of Fab Labs. It started as an extended version of the How to make (almost) anything class at MIT, and is becoming an opportunity for new labs managers, as well as advanced inventors to acquire skills on digital fabrication. Furthermore, Fab Academy is evolving to a Master’s program through the development of applied research projects and thesis, as well as explore expanded training programs related with specific conditions of labs and communities.


For more information please contact us at: coordination@fabacademy.org

principles and practices (Jan 16)
project management (Jan 23)
computer-aided design (Jan 30)
computer-controlled cutting (Feb 6)
electronics production (Feb 13)
computer-controlled machining (Feb 20)
electronics design (Feb 27)
molding and casting composites (Mar 6)
embedded programming (Mar 13)
3D scanning and printing (Mar 20)
input devices (Mar 27)
interface and application programming (Apr 3)
output devices (Apr 10)
mechanical design (Apr 17)
networking and communications (Apr 24)
machine design Wed (May 1)
applications and implications (May 8)
invention, intellectual property, and income (May 15)
project development (May 22)
final project presentations (May 29)

Global lectures happen on Wednesdays at 9:00 on the US East Coast (ranging from 6:00 on the West Coast to 23:00 in Japan), with lab sections at the same time on Mondays and Fridays.

Confirmed participating labs 2013:
Fab Lab Amsterdam
Fab Lab Providence (AS220)
Fab Lab Nairobi
Fab Lab Vestmannaeyjar
Fab Lab Manchester
Fab Lab Jeddah
Fab Lab Detroit
Fab Lab Barcelona
Fab Lab Lima
Fab Lab DC
Fab Lab Addis
Fab Lab León

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